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The Birth Story of Rush in Colorado Springs, CO

This was my first time documenting a birth and I couldn’t have been more grateful for this opportunity. When Jacey graciously asked me to photograph the birth of their first son, I was super honored and excited. I’m that crazy lady that loved being pregnant and giving birth, so it was extra special to get to document their story. Enjoy their story followed by images from that day.

Josh and Jacey arrived at the hospital around 8am on Saturday, September 12th after Jacey was experiencing some continuous contractions. They were scheduled to be induced that day so things were already in motion. Jacey got her water broken shortly after they arrived. After that, it was just waiting for things to pick up.

Around noon she got an epidural and was dilated to 4cm. They played worship music throughout the day to set the mood while Jacey labored. She labored with close family and friends around her for support and encouragement. She was checked a few more times to track progress throughout the afternoon, but not much was changing.

SO they waited…

At 3:05pm Jacey went ahead and got pitocin to help get things going. At 6:15pm she was checked and was dilated to 8.5cm. They were relieved to know that they was getting closer to meet their son!

She labored and got to 10cm around 7:30pm and started pushing shortly after that. After only 15 minutes of active pushing they got to meet their son Rush Michael Caldwell at 8:02pm. Weighing 6 pounds 6 ounces and was 20 inches long.

The below images were captured after I arrived around 5:30pm to after Rush was born.

Thank you Josh and Jacey for letting me be a part of this day. It was truly amazing and such a blessing to get to see all of this unfold. You have blessed so many people with your lives already and I can’t wait to see what your little boy will be like and to see you guys thrive in this next season of life. Cheers to you both! XOXO

  1. Jacey Caldwell says:

    Loved this day and so grateful you were there to capture it! Thanks again Tessa ❤️

  2. vickie ruiz says:

    So beautiful…You did a great job and they will treasure these forever….Beautiful family.


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