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The Homebirth Story of Arlo Wild

ARLO WILD Born at home on February 15th 2016 at 10:32am

7 pounds 5 ounces 20.5 inches long

I was so excited when Jordan contacted me to photograph her home birth. I felt an instant connection as soon as we met and was so excited to get to help tell their story. Birth is such a personal experience and Jordan desired to have a more peaceful birth to contract her twins delivery at the hospital.

Jordan went into labor early in the morning on Monday, February 15th. She contacted me just before 9am to let me know she was starting to have more consistent contractions that caught her attention. I then made my plans to get over to her house soon as the midwife was already on her way.

I arrived just before 10am. Jordan had plans to have a water birth but little man was already on his way and there was no time to fill the pool.

Little Arlo Wild made his appearance at 10:32am! Jordan labored with grace and strength and I was so honored to get to witness this beloved morning!


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