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Romantic Proposal at Cheyenne Mountain

I met Charaia the first week we moved to Colorado. Derek and I headed to our local coffee house to use the internet since we were waiting on ours to get set up. Charaia was working as a barista. She had a gorgeous fro and I knew one day, I’d love to get her in front of my camera. We stayed in touch over the last while and her life got to be full of great opportunity with new job opportunities and some hardships as her and Herold entered into the dating life.

I always loved running into Charaia around town and getting to catch up with her. She’s truly an amazing person inside and out and I’ve been so excited to watch her grow in each season. She’s also a very talented photographer. She took some photos of my little family when Journey turned one in November of 2015. You see those images here.

When Charaia asked me to photograph her and Harold on his short visit to Colorado Springs from NY (where he lives) I was so excited! We arrived at the very coffee shop Charaia and I met at to photograph them. They got all cozy in the booth and I loved every second of it! We then got in our own cars and headed to another location. Harold then text me that he was going to propose!!!!!!!! I was excited and bursting into a puddle of emotions. But I knew I had to hold myself together! We started the photoshoot and I asked them to think of a moment in their time together that if they could relive that moment, what moment would it be and why. Harold and Charaia exchanged moments and you could tell it was feeling pretty special. So Herold, got down on one knee!!! And of course, She said YES!!!

I had so much and hope you enjoy these moments below. xoxo

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