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Cozy Newborn of Piper Joy in Seattle, WA

While on our trip to Washington State we got to stop in with some of our dear friends to photograph this monumental season of life for them. It was a joy an honor to capture their sweet new little family all together. Piper Joy was sweet and it was amazing to see her mom + dad so natural at this whole parenting thing. Enjoy some of my favorites from their session.

Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog001 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog002 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog003 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog004 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog005 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog006 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog007 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog008 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog009 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog010 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog011 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog012 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog013 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog014 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog015 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog016 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog017 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog018 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog019 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog020 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog021 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog022 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog023 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog024 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog025 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog026 Piper_Joy_Newborn_tessaj_blog027


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