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In Memory of Louis Van Engle

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“Louis was a son, grandson, cousin, nephew, friend, and beloved by all.

He was born October 4, 2020 and lived 419 days here with us before he went to his eternal home on November 27, 2021.  He was loved all over the world and everyone who saw a picture of his bright smile instantly adored him.  Louis was a fighter and lived up to his name everyday as he underwent 7 surgeries and spent the first 3 months of his life in the NICU.  He was diagnosed with a rare genetic syndrome, called Antley Bixler, that caused him to have to get a trach, gtube and colostomy but he never let those things slow him down.

Louis loved hiking, watching cars drive by, being with cousins, playing with his toys, and every second with his parents.  He adored his daddy and no one could make him smile like he could.  He will be greatly missed but taught us all so much about living life to the fullest.

We watched him smile after throwing up over and over again.

We watched him laugh after coming out of surgery.

We watched him overcome so many odds as he learned to crawl and pull himself up.

We watched him love life when he had every reason not to and he taught us that life truly is beautiful and such a gift.”


I got to photograph this sweet family in March of 2021. It was a true gift getting to be in Jacob & Breck’s home and to watch them love their son. Louis didn’t know what to make of the camera but he sure did smile when he locked eyes with his mama and when his dad held him close.

I was honored to be able to document these three together in their home. I know so much of Louis life was hard but Breck and Jacob made it look easy. Their love for their son was life-changing to witness. How they cared for him and how they lived while he was living.

Here are some favorite images of my time with them in their lovely home here in Colorado Springs, CO.

There were so many unknowns and Breck and Jacob took each step with so much faith and hope. You can read more of Breck’s grief writings on her instagram. If you’re struggling with grief, Breck has a gift of sharing her thoughts and heart.


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