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New Year, New Me 🥳 Reflections & Hopes for 2023

Yesterday, January 3rd I started my 34th year around the sun. New year + Birthday = Loads of self reflection intermingled with hope for the future.

After a day with being loved on by my family and friends I took some time to dig deeper into my heart and took time for myself. I grabbed a birthday coffee and lunch from one of my local favs spots. And took time to reflect on 2022. The good, the bad and how I wanted to move through this next year with more intention & grace for myself. I started by made a list of the things I knew I wanted to do more of this year.

Things I want to do more of this year:

• Add more color to my life & wardrobe 🌈 

• Take better care of myself with a morning routine & time journaling, praying and rewiring my brain! 

• Becoming a better friend and loving my community well 

• Create meaningful ART (Photography, Painting, learning new mediums of art)

• Laugh more in the presence of friends

• More baked bread and cooking meals from scratch for my family

• Time alone, to reflect and dream 

• Live deeper into the things that satisfy the heart of God

• Play more with my girls. Take them on weekly adventures

• ASK for help. (This is sooooo hard for me)

• More dates with my dashing hubs ❤️

• Establishing more rest into our lives and practicing sabbath together

• Calling out the gifting in my children and helping steward their character well

• Have more grace for myself & others

• More real life on social media with unflattering photos. Cause let’s be real, I’m allllll about a highlight reel but we all meet some depth and real talk around here and show ourselves non-serious because we ain’t celebrities okayyyyy 💁🏼‍♀️

In order to do allllll the above. I need to let old things die off so I can make room to let new things grow.

Those things I’m going to let die this year are:

• Listening to the lies about myself and wallowing in self pity

• Letting the victim mentality take root and destroy all the goodness being built in my life

• Comparing my life to yours

• Comparing my parenting or even dare I say homeschooling to yours

•  Putting myself in emotionally unsafe relationships 

• Letting my ego run the show 

• Self isolate because of the fear of being too much or needing more from people

• Participating in sacristy mindset

• Waiting for the pin to drop and the next horrible thing to happen

• Seeing my limitations as negative

• Expecting perfection from myself and others. 🙈

• Wallowing in my chronic health issues and how its controlled my life

Letting go of all that is above to make room for all that I want to recieve in 2023 is the ultimate LIFE WORK and daily work. It won’t happen by accident. But if you set your intentions on resurrection. Moving from death to life. All that is available from heavenly places will be given to you and me. But it takes work and I cannot do this work on my own. #selfhealing is a lie. You need Jesus and the Holy Spirit to soften your eyes, mind and heart to make these spiritual battles be won. My life has been one filled of wonder & belief met with complete death & barrenness of my soul.

2023 is my year of resurrection!

I hope you find yourself moving from sacristy to abundance this year. 

From death to life! No matter your circumstances. You can live in bondage to your desires or be set free from them by the power of Jesus. 

What’s your word for the year? I wanna know!!!! Comment below!


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