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Our Babymoon to Westcliffe, CO

We found the cutest little A-Frame Airbnb outside of Westcliffe, CO and feel in love with this small town. This off-grid, 100% solar & wind powered A-Frame cabin was SO cute I had to document our trip. ┬áTheir local community is one of only a few, certified Dark Skies locales (& the highest) in the world. It was a wee bit too cold in the evening to star gaze for too long but we managed to do it one night and you have to let your eyes adjust to the darkness to really SEE THE majesty of the sky. Something we just don’t see in big cities anymore because of that darn light pollution.

Seriously, if you’re local to Colorado, Westcliffe is a MUST. It’s quaint small town vibe and mountain views is so good. There is even a specialty coffee place! But if you blink you’ll miss it! If you visit check out Peregrine coffee!!!


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