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The Journey of Womanhood

Welcome to this space where I feel very passionate about the journey from matron to mother and the phases you go through as a women in your adult life. 

We are cyclical beings and the eb and flow of our hormones and seasons are very lost in our culture. We are bombarded with hussle and always saying yes to new opportunities. Because, you don’t want to miss out. FOMO anyone? I know from burnout that it’s a good teacher but I want to help show you there’s another way.

A slower way, a more peaceful way to enter into motherhood from womenhood. TO begin on your journey as a women with the wisdom from generations before us. It’s not without trials, if anything you’re more aware and it can be quite painful to go down this road. It’s for sure counter-cultural.

Being a women in this culture is not easy.

We are told we aren’t enough on our daily scroll. 

Will you pause with me. 

Take a deep breath. You are worthy of celebrating. Honoring. YOU ARE uniquely made in the image of our creator and you don’t have to strive to be great. You already posses greatness deep inside you. YOu just have to unlock it. 

I’m not coming from a place of, “Follow me, I’ve aready done this.” But I do feel I am in a space where I can guide those to a place of curisoity. TO build a sense of belonging in our bodies and minds as women that I can do. I can guide you and learn with you. 

This space is less of a business. Although, I am very open to creating and building a body of work. I’m a creative after all. But I’m not interested in building wealth and my own kingdom at the expense of my well being, my family and my peace. 

This space is where I showcase my work. My musings, my wanderings and ideas, hopes, prayers. 

Being a women & mother have transformed me deeper into a sense of wonder of our creator. I hope to help you and show you there is another way to live outside the narrative that we are being shoved down our throats in media, hollywood, celebrity culture. 

Let’s wander together as we walk down the stream of life and find that it’s leading you right back to the beginning. So we can learn and grow to be better women, wives and mothers. 

Let’s begin shall we.

Thanks for being here xo



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